Engagement Resources 

Resource Skill Sets 

A Business Conduit who can act as the Product Owner (PO) or in an advisory capacity to the client's PO - who will work with the Business to ensure delivery is exactly what the Business requests and not what the deployment team "think" the Business needs. 
Engineering Lead - will lead the design and build of the cash flow ledger publishers that send the entries real-time to Realiti from the source systems e.g.Calypso, Murex etc. for transactions and associated static data sources, in addition to managing environments and data bases, execute data loading, and working with the client on non-functional areas such as disaster recovery (DR) and performance etc. 
Matching Subject Matter Expert (SME) - will produce the matching rules for ledgers/external statement entries that will quickly identify exceptions and build trending analysis of client payment profiles - e.g. who always pays late and uses clients' intraday liquidity lines, work with the Business to embed the new settlement operational approach within the operating model. 
System Architect - will configure the various system settings and build the nostro/depo hierarchies. 
Network Management SME - who will work with the business to agree the most efficient SWIFT structure - more on this later 

Dynamic Team 

The Cupula Team is scalable and can flex to all our clients' needs. We will partner with our clients' through each stage of delivery. Ownership and accountability are front and centre in all that we do.  
In addition and depending on the engagement model, it maybe necessary to add training, dedicated functional and auto testing resources. Typically, we find that the SMEs cover testing with the business users as part of the collaborative roll out approach. 
Please feel free to contact us concerning any interest in our services. 
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