Machine Learning 


Machine Learning, AI and Analytics - The Future! 

Once Realiti has been embedded, alerts and profiles can easily be configured so that both balances and clients can be proactively managed - clients will be able to identify who regularly pays late in the day whilst using a client's intraday liquidity Lines. 
There will be the ability to configure alerts so that cut off times can be monitored, moving from a reactive to pro-active approach to issue resolution in addition to automate sweeping of accounts - the list goes on. 
Clients will also be able to link collateral with cash - after all they are 2 sides of the same coin and this second's collateral position is the next moment's cash. 
and perhaps the most exciting evolution - automation of the Treasury function - we have all the building blocks and we can help our clients automate a whole swathe of treasury activities. Imagine how powerful a proposition that would be? Automation of the Treasury function.....we can do this. 
Automation of the Treasury function.....we can do this. 
Finally there is no reason why this offering cannot be rolled out to our client's corporate client base via a "white labelling" service - protecting revenue through client retention in an ever more competitive transactional banking environment. 

Cost Effective 

All of the above leads to a cost effective Cash and Intraday Liquidity function; offering a frictionless and efficient utilisation of cash and collateral to both banks and their corporate client base. 
We at Cupula Consulting can help with this - and what's more we have already done it - there isn't another firm on the street that can make that claim - they can only offer proposed, untested solutions - we have a proven track record of delivery. 
Please feel free to call Simon or myself concerning the above proposition or pass it onto any client that have an interest in our services. 
Please feel free to contact us concerning any interest in our services. 
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