Target Operating Model 

Design and Implementation 

In order for intraday cash and liquidity management to function at its optimal level, current business models need to re re-engineered. 
This will mean a dismantling of the current silo'd and role orientated hierarchy. 
The new process will need to include Front, Middle and Back Office colleagues that will need to seamlessly exchange information in a timely fashion. 
Realiti shines a spotlight on all processes and data flaws - these will need to be address if the client is to fully realise the full cash and collateral optimisation benefits that Realiti can offer. 
SWIFT messages as mentioned above - these are the core building blocks of efficient cash management - unless you know how to navigate the SWIFT message types and leavers that you need to pull with the Transactional Banking and Network 

Management teams 

You will not get a full picture of your liquidity landscape and associated costs that will need to be efficiently managed. 
Collection of rich data enables correct regulatory reporting. These data points can greatly enhance reporting and analytics - what type of cash are you holding? Retail overnight deposit or termed corporate? quality of collateral - what haircut is needed when repo'd? Cash ladders that give a long term view of cash flow obligations. 
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